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The following cases are examples on a development towards Active House level and have been uploaded individual by the architect, designer, developer, owner etc. You are also welcome to upload cases with relevant explanation about the 3 topics energy, indoor climate and environment.

Cases that are fully explained and have high ambition within the 3 topics (energy, indoor climate and environment), will be evaluated by the web master and if relevant they will become highlighted cases.

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Completion: 15 December 2012
Mascalucia - CT - Sicily, Italy
Botticelli Project intends to diffuse concept of Active Houses in Sicily. Botticelli is a building which focus the Third Industrial Revolution [Jeremy Rifkin] ; A Building to start...
Completion: August 2011
Kettering, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
The CarbonLight Homes provide bright, healthy living spaces whilst promoting energy efficiency and a respect for the environment. This project will help to improve understanding of sustainable living...
Completion: Under Construction
Palermo, Italy
"Casa +" is designed to build a new model in mediterranean climate, first example to reach energy independence.This house is designed to balance energy saving, high indoor air quality and...
Completion: March 2013
Montfoort, Netherlands
De Poorters of Montfoort are the first houses in the Netherlands renovated according to the principles of Active House, using a sustainable renovation concept developed by the VELUX Group and Danfoss...
Completion: June 2012
Belfast, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Retrofitting an1896 solid wall terraced house within the social housing sector using the Trias Energetica concept and Active House principles to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% against a 1990 baseline
Completion: November 2009
Tåstrup, Copenhagen, Denmark
EnergyFlexHouse is two one's family houses, each of 200 m2. One building is designed as a test building, and the other building is a one family house, where a test-family lives
Completion: Under construction
Szendehely, Hungary
With the construction of the invention hereby I would like to demonstrate how it is possible to build a house with 0 CO2 emission from a maximum amount of 100.000 EURO.
Completion: January 2012
Stjørdal, Norway
The Future Active House in Norway is a modern family home and a showcase of innovative solutions. Its aim is to show that energy efficiency is compatible with a healthy and comfortable living...
Completion: 16.10.2013
Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Great Gulf Active House was achieved through a collaboration involving a team of Danish architects, the award-winning Toronto architecture firm superkül, and Great Gulf, the builder committed to...
Completion: 2009
Copenhagen, Denmark
Green Lighthouse is Denmark's first public CO2 neutral building. It has been built in less than a year in a close public/private partnership.
Completion: May 2013
Willendorf in der Wachau, Austria
Instead of using his apricot grove for building a new house a visionary farmer wanted to renovate his mother`s farmhouse (parts from the mid-14th century) and to protect the trees and the free...
Completion: April 2009
Lystrup, Denmark
Home for Life is inspired by a traditional Danish 1 1/2-storey saddle roof house. This type of home has a relatively small surface with many possible variations.
Completion: Under construction
Sterksel NB, Netherlands
HoTT is dutch's first building completely designed en engineered by the principles of Slimbouwen and Active House. The layout is based on a Roman urban villa with a modern residential program.
Completion: September 2009
Regensburg, Germany
How will we live and heat our homes in the future? The “House of the Future” in Regensburg, Germany impressively demonstrates this lifestyle today.
Completion: September 2011
Sandnes, Norway
Jadarhus was among the first in Norway to develop and build low-energy houses, within this category, ISOBO, was established in 2003. The Isobo Aktiv is a new generation with new active design...
Completion: only design in 3d
Celje, Slovenia
Completion: November 2010
Hamburg, Germany
LichtAktiv Haus is an energy-efficient renovation of a traditional 1950s home in Hamburg.
Completion: September 2013
Livingbox is a prototype of a minimum expandable living unit developed at the Laboratory of Building Design of the University of Trento (Italy). It can be used as a minimum dwelling for two people or...
Completion: 2010
Długołęka, Poland
Lumina House is an energy efficient, ecological sound and healthy, functional and comfortable, intelligent, optimal and affordable new build solution for a family of four.
Completion: April 2012
Schneeberg/Knofeleben A-2652 Hirschwang, Austria
The old hut burned down in April. New building should be much more environmental friendly than the old one and more user-friendly for the demand on modern alpine hut.