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3. July 2014
News 0 Stella Brozek-Everaert
  On 2nd of July the European Commission published its Circular economy package which includes a Communication on Resource efficiency opportunities in the building sector, a legislative...
1. July 2014
News 0 Kurt Emil Eriksen
The Danish project “EMBRACE” from DTU and the Italian project “RHOME for DenCity” from Universita Degli Studi di Roma is two of twenty Solar Decathlon projects that is on...
25. June 2014
News 0 Stella Brozek-Everaert
On 23 June the Active House Alliance held a Workshop organised in the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels. The purpose of the event was to prepare a Guideline...
15. June 2014
News 0 Kurt Emil Eriksen
Energy efficient building is presently a hot topic in the building sector. In 2020, new buildings in the Netherlands must be energy-neutral, and it will also be an enormous challenge to reduce...
15. June 2014
News 0 Kurt Emil Eriksen
By support of the Active House Alliance members VELUX, Rockwool and Politecnico di Milano the Active House Alliance has been presented and discussed with close to 15.000 architects and designers...
30. April 2014
News 0 Stella Brozek-Everaert
The WorldGBC is hosting an interactive webinar on the development of its latest project, the WorldGBC Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Office Buildings project. It will share...
14. April 2014
News 0 Stella Brozek-Everaert
Jadarhus was among the first in Norway to develop and build low-energy houses and also the first to build an Active House in Norway. ISOBO active was developed in the very early stage of the Active...

Highlighted Cases

Completion: September 2009
Regensburg, Germany
How will we live and heat our homes in the future? The “House of the Future” in Regensburg, Germany impressively demonstrates this lifestyle today.
Completion: April 2009
Lystrup, Denmark
Home for Life is inspired by a traditional Danish 1 1/2-storey saddle roof house. This type of home has a relatively small surface with many possible variations.
Completion: October 2009
Kraig, Austria
Energy used for heating/hot water - whether it's from wood, coal, oil or natural gas - has literally been burned up. A solution is the solar-activehouse

Latest cases

September 2013
, Italy
May 2013
Willendorf in der Wachau, Austria

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